We offer 3 levels of automotive detailing, ranging from least to most aggressive in both scope and time required. Vital Car Care is able to tailor YOUR detail according to your needs and wants to maximize results and satisfaction. To ease in the decision we have broken our "levels" down to 3 categories: Alpha, Beta, Gamma . These categories are determined by the amount of penetration through the "nasty" part of the cars surface to restore it to its original luster.


Our in house foam wash with all of the normal trimmings. This exterior detail service leaves your vehicle cleaner, smoother, and ready for a night on the town to show off. We follow the foam wash with a round of detailers clay to decontaminate the surface to prepare it for a sealant or wax. We then treat all of the plastics with a protective coating made to work with the plastic and rubber instead of being something that ends up slinging all along the bottom of your car.


The single stage enhancement detail that uses a polish designed to enhance the shine, reflection and overall appearance in a short amount of time.


The multiple stage correction detail that is geared towards the automotive enthusiasts looking for showroom quality.


Restore the clarity of your headlights and upgrade the appearance of your car! Dingy, yellow headlights are both an eye sore as well as a safety concern!!