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Why Detail?

Why Detail
Detailing your automobile is a very important part of ensuring you get the highest possible dollar for your future trade-in. Along with mechanical maintenance, the cleanliness of your vehicle is a deciding factor in determining the difference between good and excellent condition. The following are some frequently asked questions about specific detailing services.
Can I use dishwashing detergent to wash my vehicle?
NO! Dishwashing liquid is designed to cause specific chemical reactions that will cause the protective clear coating on your paint to break down. Always use a cleanser designed for automobiles. Waterless spray washes are also an option for those eco-friendly consumers. 
Why should I get a clay bar treatment? 
If your vehicle is not smooth to the touch, you may need a clay bar treatment. Environmental contaminants such as metal shavings, asphalt, and brake dust become imbedded in your vehicle's paint over time. Once the particles containing metal oxidize, rust spots will begin to appear. The damage may not be visible at first, but once the rust has appeared, the only remedy is a new paint job. To save yourself from the expense and hassle of a new paint job, we recommend a clay bar treatment every 6 months.
What should I clean my vinyl surfaces with?
Vinyl surfaces are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and a clear conditioning coat that lies on top. This coat protects and moistens the PVC so that it remains flexible to prevent cracks. Eventually, this coating will disintegrate, causing seats that are impossible to repair. The only cleaners that should be used on vinyl surfaces are vinyl cleaners that contain conditioners.
What's wrong with automatic car washes?
Automatic car washes are used over and over again to wash hundreds of vehicles each day. Throughout the course of the day, the foam bad and brushes that are used to clean your automobile pick up dirt and debris from other vehicles causing scratches and swirl marks. Although these "quickie washes" are a cheaper, less time consuming alternative to a hand wash, the risks far outweigh the benefits.
How often should I wash and/or wax my vehicle?
We recommend weekly washes accompanied by monthly wax treatments. With the amount of air pollutants and road construction in southern Louisiana, contaminants build up fast on a vehicle's surface. We also recommend a biannual clay bar to remove particles that washing along will not remove.

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