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Kyle Messick

Development, Leader, Marketing

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What started out as just a weekend thing we did as kids when everyone came over for Sunday afternoons, later became an obsession. Making your vehicle look the best it has ever been and seeing "the look" in the owners face is Kyle's driving force.

Kyle created Vital Car Care in 2008 with the purpose to see exactly how far the Detailing industry will grow. After starting to build my reputation by being heavy into the local automotive forums helping out those in need from resale details to spruce value to those full blown wetsand and polish, I wanted to see how big I could really build Vital Car Care into a business. I began networking with many of todays leading detailers and suppliers to fully understand the level of need behind automotive restoration and detailing.

In 2011 I brought David in to help push the business further and a couple years later we were moving into our warehouse studio to really build something amazing.

Now going into our 9th year, David and I have grown a fun hobby in a driveway into the leading detail studio in the Pensacola area.

I personally look forward to seeing not just how big VCC will get this year, but also to see how big both the Ceramic Coating industry as well as the Detailing industry as a whole grows. Big supporter of the International Detailing Association and what it stands for as it serves to solidify and standardize the future of the detailing industry. We will continue to push the envelope and grow to new heights! If there is anything that is ever needed don't hesitate to reach out to me directly!

  • Owner
  • IDA Certified Detailer
  • Car Enthusiast