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A gorgeous Mercedes Benz AMG CLA45, was determined to get protected. After having a nice chunk of paint sliced right out of the door the day after visiting the shop for a consultation, it ended up under the knife of a body shop to get fixed. Well unfortunately body shops just dont have the time afforded to properly polish out fresh paint and instead tend to reach for the "finishing glaze." Have you ever wondered why your car looks so good right after the body shop, and then a few weeks later ends up looking like a swirled out mess? Fillers fall out after time or after a more stringent wash. This is why they tend to "appear" overnight. Lucky for this MB, it had an appointment booked just in time to give it the real "salon" look. After thoroughly washing and decontaminating the paint, it went under the knife once more. This time by the hands of the skilled craftsmen at Vital Car Care. Instead of using fillers to make it look like a flawless masterpiece, VCC refines the paint to the best it can be before applying our 5 Year Ceramic Pro Silver package.