Vital Car Care specializes in luxury classic ATV performance daily favorite vehicles. Our mission is to astound our customers with results and experience. For the enthusiast, only the best will do. And we are enthusiasts. From technology to towels, Vital Car Care uses only the best products and processes to ensure the utmost care is taken with each vehicle. We pride ourselves on keeping up with today's leading paint care technology and are proud to use and offer Chemical Guys products, as very few other lines live up to the Vital Car Care standard. We associate with the top detailers and suppliers around the nation in order to connect and serve those in our own community. If we had a motto, it might read: We Detail the Gulf Coast!

Who We Are

We are brothers with a passion for cars. We grew up in garages and at car shows -- anywhere automotive-related was where you would find us.

Kyle Messick, the founder of Vital Car Care, was often found in various garages, turning wrenches and getting cars running. From lowrider trucks to muscle cars and imports, he dove into car culture head first. After playing with paint and learning the process it takes to get to showroom finishes, he began researching detailing products. When word of mouth made this little hobby, into a business, Vital Car Care was born. When the list of loyal clients grew, David was brought on as co-owner. David's experience in the industry -- from shop work to retail management -- and his love for cars was a perfect fit. Kyle and David had been stacking up cars, strictly from word-of-mouth and general conversation with other "car folks" until a need arose to open a commercial location to offer services.

Our Goal

Our goal is to cultivate a relationship of trust with you. Our primary tools to do this are honesty, integrity, and fairness, combined with unparalleled, consistent results. You can count on our work being top-notch each and every visit. We strive to exceed your expectations. This can only be achieved through constant commitment and the consistent mastering of ALL aspects of vehicle care.

Our techniques are up-to-date with or surpass the latest methodology and products worldwide. We are always looking for the latest and most advanced products available globally, and we continually adjust our techniques to stay on top of the latest in detailing technology. Our years of expertise and understanding permit us to take advantage of any improvements without compromising the end result, which is consistent excellence in every aspect. You get the perfect finish and exquisite detail that enhances, preserves, and protects the integrity and value of your vehicle.